Observations on Smart and Not-so-Smart Marketing - and why it should matter to Growing Companies.

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The New Book by 

Jose Palomino

CEO, Value Prop Interactive

Your value proposition is, in fact, the compass of your entire enterprise. Palomino was one of the first to grasp this essential truth. With his new book he continues his crusade to give the value proposition its rightful place at the center of business strategy.

Flint McGlaughlin - CEO and Managing Director of MECLABS and

Successful business owners know that creating strategic value is a key to commanding a premium - for their business and their products in the market. Jose’s new book provides sharp insights and inspiring stories on the how and why of creating business value.

John Warrilow -  Inc. columnist and author of The Automatic Customer

Strategic Propositions will be viewed by all levels of management, in all types and sizes of companies, as a valued “mentoring document.”  In each section of this book, relevant discussions are presented, questioned, structured, and analyzed as to their implications to one’s own firm and its customers.  

Prof. William O'Neill

Professor, Marketing & Business Law

Villanova University

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